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A Few Words about Myself...

Sorry about the pun...but also, now you know what to expect.

Hiya folks! My name is Chloe (she/her pronouns) and I have been obsessed with all kinds of books ever since I was a tiny person. I got lucky and now work at a library, surrounded by all the books I want. Even then, I am still obsessed with reading as many books as possible and recommending my favorites to anyone who is willing to ask. Hence, why I am now getting into book blogging!

My specialty is young adult fiction and LGBTQIA+ literature. However, I also enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels, regular fiction, nonfiction...pretty much anything that catches my eye! I can always be found with a book in my bag, a few more on my phone, and looking for more recommendations. Feel free to tell me your favorites!

- Chloe

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