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As I have gone through the last few months, my attention span has gone down significantly, as I am sure it has for a lot of people. The books I was sure I was going to read during my two weeks off (insert hysterical laughter gif) remained on my TBR shelf three or four months later. As I slowly got back in the flow of working onsite, my ability to sit down and read ebbed and flowed with my energy levels. Some days, I would devour books by the stack, reading as many as four in a day. Other days I would struggle to make it through ten pages, even if I was sitting in the quietest room in the comfiest chair, with a steaming beverage.

Then, I remembered something important. I had a lot of spare time at work where I was allowed to listen to music, as long as I had headphones on. In addition, I constantly had a song on and was great at multitasking when it came to listening and working. And thus, my search for audiobooks began. After using Audible to get a few audiobooks, I began searching for ways to listen to audiobooks for free. I learned about how my library can provide eaudiobooks in several formats, as well as Spotify. Several months later, my reading count has gotten higher and I listen to audiobooks on a daily basis.


My library offers two eaudiobook options: CloudLibrary and OverDrive. While OverDrive offers more options on which to play the audiobooks, CloudLibrary has more audiobooks to choose from. You can access the website on your computer, or you can download the CloudLibrary App on your phone. This is my first choice of free audiobooks as I usually don’t have to wait as long for audiobooks. They also give you the ability to make your spot with bookmarks and notes.


The second option that libraries offer is OverDrive. It is more popular as it can be used on multiple platforms, such as Kindle. They offer eaudiobooks of popular books, but usually have long wait times for the incredibly popular ones. Not only can you access your books through Kindle, you can also go on the website on your computer, and download the OverDrive app through the app store.


Spotify is famous for being a music app, but I bet you didn’t know they also do audiobooks! Granted, there aren’t as many audiobooks choices, but when there are no other options for that particular book, or you see a long wait list, Spotify is much better than nothing. The only real downside to listening on Spotify is that they don’t list the chapters by chapters, but by the tracks, so you have to really pay attention to which chapter you were on if you lose your place.

Go on and listen! Tell me what audiobooks you have been binging in the comments down below!

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