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"It Goes Like This" Book Look and Review

IT GOES LIKE THIS, by Miel Moreland

Imprint: Feiwel & Friends

Publication Date: May 18th, 2021

ISBN: 9781250767486

Page Count: 325 pages


Content Warnings: primary trigger warning – Unmalicious misgendering and hospitals; Minor mentions of: biphobia, homophobia, substance addiction, eating disorders/body image, grief/loss of a parent.

*I received an e-arc from Netgalley and TBR and Beyond Tours free of charge, and my opinions are completely my own.*

“Remember,” says Eva, “no Moonlight Overthrow - but we’re still there. The four of us, ‘til the moon crashes into the sea.”

“Eva, Celeste, Gina, and Steph used to think their friendship was unbreakable. After all, they've been though a lot together, including the astronomical rise of Moonlight Overthrow, the world-famous queer pop band they formed in middle school, never expecting to headline anything bigger than the county fair. But after a sudden falling out leads to the dissolution of the teens' band, their friendship, and Eva and Celeste's starry-eyed romance, nothing is the same. Gina and Celeste step further into the spotlight, Steph disappears completely, and Eva, heartbroken, takes refuge as a songwriter and secret online fangirl...of her own band. That is, until a storm devastates their hometown, bringing the four ex-best-friends back together. As they prepare for one last show, they'll discover whether growing up always means growing apart.” (copied from Goodreads because how can I top that description??)

I originally signed up to review It Goes Like This, expecting a 3-star or a 3.5-star at the most read. Boy, was I wrong! This young adult contemporary novel caught my attention like the shining star it is and held it for a good few hours. It was my only day off that week and I considered the fact that a good third of it was spent reading IGLT a rare blessing. I legitimately stayed up very late that night to finish reading it and swooned with the crowd at the stadium at the end.

Of course though, the best part of IGLT is the diverse representation of the characters. I love that everyone in Moonlight Overthrow was different, understood it, and then didn’t hyper-focus on those differences. We have:

  • Eva, the lesbian songwriter who misses her friends and the band that had bonded them together,

  • Eva's nineteen years old, a chart-topping songwriter, and a former member of a two-time Grammy Award-winning band - and her mom is still asking about her schoolwork.

  • Celeste, the (actively) Jewish lesbian singer who pretends to hide all of her emotions deep down, but will dedicate a supremely sapphic song to you,

  • Celeste - solo-act Celeste, who was just as adamant as Steph, just as adamant as Gina about not continuing - Celeste, who must have been back in the studio, writing for her first solo album almost as soon as they finished their final show as a group - is still in love with Eva.

  • Gina, the bisexual black singer/actor who is so talented and could rule the world if she ever turned to politics,

  • She's Gina motherfucking Wright, an Oscar-nominated actress and Grammy Award-winning singer. She's a Moonlight Overthrow alunma...She outranks all these people.

  • And Steph, the pansexual enby - my baby, my sweetheart, my buddy. I will protect Steph with everything I have. Moreland has gained my everlasting loyalty with Steph.

  • Also, I cannot get over this thing that Steph says: "I don't like being read as a woman, but...I have a body, and it's non-binary, because I'm non-binary. End of story. I like my boobs...And, like, I know not all non-binary people feel that way about their bodies. But that's mostly how I feel about mine, at least right now. It might change next year. I don't know yet." As an enby with boobs who likes their body, I have never actually seen this expressed before and when I first read it, I nearly cried. Thank you so much Miel Moreland. Thank you.

And while the band gained so much traction because of it’s diversity and queerness, again, it is not the sole focus or reason why these people are so successful. It is clear that talent and hard work are to thank here.

For my IGLT Book Look, I decided to take inspiration from the cover. I bought a purple dress and ironed on a bunch of yellow stars, to match the beautiful outer space stencils scattered all over the book cover. Then I added a yellow sash, to help the stars pop out, and a motorcycle jacket (recycled from my KC Weekly Warlock Book Look). To give it that pop star look, I did some bright eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and for good queer measure, some pride earrings gifted to me by a coworker. I am in love with this look and will definitely be wearing it to work in a few hours.

Are you still not sure about reading It Goes Like This? Well, if you like these books:

  • Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms, by Crystal Frazier

  • Glitter Up the Dark: How Pop Music Broke the Binary, by Sasha Geffen

  • I’ll Be the One, by Lyla Lee

  • Six Angry Girls, by Adrienne Kisner

Then you’d definitely want to grab a copy of It Goes Like This!

The super awesome thing is that It Goes Like This is officially out now! You can get a copy from your local bookstore or library, or you can get a copy online. Click on these buy links and you can get your own copy: Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble | Indigo | IndieBound.

Many thanks to TBR and Beyond Tours for allowing me to join the It Goes Like This book tour! You can check out the rest of the tour stops on their Tour Schedule webpage.

Miel Moreland writes character-driven contemporary Young Adult novels. Born and raised in Minneapolis, she has a Midwestern heart but wandering feet. When not making pop music references and celebrating fandom, she is likely to be found drinking hot chocolate and making spreadsheets. She currently resides in Boston.

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