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"Lies Like Poison": Review & Playlist

Lies Like Poison, Chelsea Pitcher

Expected publication: November 10th 2020 by Margaret K. McElderry Books

ISBN - 1534470956


*I received an e-arc from Netgalley and The Book Terminal Tour group free of charge, and my opinions are completely my own.*

Killing her would’ve been easy. That spring we made flower garlands. That spring petals were strewn across her kitchen table, where she drank her tea. If we dropped a petal of belladonna, a petal of poppy, and a petal of lily into that cup, we’d never really know which one of us killed her.

We’d never know which one of us was guilty.

Belladona, Poppy, and Lily would do anything to protect their friend Raven - even murdering his abusive stepmother. However, the trio suffered cold feet and dropped the plan...or so it seemed. Three years later, Evelyn Holloway is found dead in her empty mansion by her husband and the autopsy shows belladonna poisoning, putting the blame on Belladonna Drake. Belle, as she is known now, reaches out to her ex-friends for help figuring out who the real murderer is. As the friends dig deeper, they all learn each other’s secrets...and what exactly is lurking amongst them.

Lies Like Poison by Chelsea Pitcher is absolutely magical and hypnotizing. I couldn’t put it down and I was reading it on my phone screen, so you could tell just how much I enjoyed it. The fairytale vibes only serve to make it even creepier, especially as we get further in and learn just how unreliable each narrator is. We never truly learn who is telling the truth versus their truth (a very important distinction) and just when you think you know exactly what is going on, another well-timed plot twist sends you reeling. I had to reread this book three times in order to get all the subtle hints and even then, I am pretty sure that I will be rereading it a fourth time to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

As much as a murder mystery as Lies Like Poison is, the queer friendships in this novel make a magnificent coming-of-age story in of itself. There are two gay relationships, one gay and one sapphic - both amazingly supportive of each other and their friendships. I honestly got all squealy as each relationship revealed itself. The amount of support these characters received both in their sexuality and gender identity was just awe-inspiring. I want these kids to be in my friend group. Please.

I was so inspired by this book, that I immediately did the sane thing, and created a musical/playlist based off of Lies Like Poison. Featuring songs by Taylor Swift (this novel gave me huge folklore vibes), a healthy mix of musical theatre and pop/rock songs, hopefully it takes you through the novel as I experienced it. You can check it out at my Spotify by clicking right here.

The author, Chelsea Pitcher, is a karaoke-singing, ocean-worshipping Oregonian with a penchant for twisty mysteries. She is the author of THE S-WORD, THE LAST CHANGELING & THE LAST FAERIE QUEEN. This is her latest addition to young-adult mystery thrillers, and hopefully not her last. You can check her out at her Website (, Twitter (, or Instagram (

You can purchase Lies Like Poison at your local bookstore or online, starting November 10th! Please preorder it - I need other people to scream about this novel as soon as possible. Check out the links below for where to purchase it!



Indie Bound

Barnes & Noble

Thanks to Terminal Book Tours for choosing me to be a part of their blog tour! This opportunity has been super exciting!

Until next time fellow bookworms,


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