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The Ace Race Commences...

When in a reading slump, join a readathon. So I did! I am doing the Ace Race! Yay for me!

But what is the Ace Race? A group on Twitter, commonly known as @AceReadathon, created this readathon as a way to promote/read more books featuring asexual/aromantic main characters. They went a step further and created various categories in which to fulfill the readathon, dubbed The Ace Race. The six categatories include representation (aromantic, demisexual/grey-asexual, or bi/panromantic and/or bi/pansexual), genre (middle grade, sci-fi, and ya contemporary) and voices (trans/non-binary author, black author, and disabled author). You could do as many books as you wish - technically, you could read three books and fulfill all nine categories. This readathon takes place during the month of October and began for the first time as of October 1st.

I decided to join in, as a panromantic grey asexual person who is always wishing for more ace representation. The Ace Race moderators, being the magnificent people they are, created both a Discord channel and a Google spreadsheet of eligible books. And thus, I found a number of books to read this month, as well as some books to reread.

Here is a list of what I will read this month for the Ace Race:

  • Tarnished Are the Stars, Rosiee Thor: This book fulfills both the aromantic and sci-fi categories. This futuristic novel features a trio of teenagers fighting against an epidemic (ouch).

  • So far, I am really enjoying it!

  • The Sound of Stars, Alechia Dow: This book fulfills the demisexual/grey asexual, sci-fi, and black voices categories A delightful young adult science fiction book about a girl who would do anything to keep her books safe and an alien who loves forbidden pop music, it is sure to charm you. I haven’t read it, but already bought a copy solely based on the beauty of the cover.

  • Immoral Code, Lillian Clark: This book fulfills the aromantic and YA contemporary categories. This novel follows a group of friends who band together to bring much earned wealth to one in the hopes of righting old wrongs.

  • Play It Again, Aidan Wayne: This book fulfills the bisexual protagonist/gay asexual love interest requirement, as well as the trans/non-binary voice. It is a contemporary romance between blind Youtuber Dovid (pronounced Duh-vid, thank you very much) and newbie gamer Youtuber Sam.

  • Upon reading it: OH MY GOD, I AM DEAD

  • An Unkindness of Ghosts, Rivers Solomon: This book fulfills the sci-fi, black voices, trans/non-binary voices, and disabled voices categories. This dystopian novel follows the mystery of Aster’s existence on the USS Matilda, space version of the Southern antebellum.

  • Before I Let Go, Marieke Nijkamp: This book fulfills the YA contemporary, trans/non-binary voices, and disabled voices categories. This thriller follows best friends Kyra and Corey as one moves and the other dies.

  • Rick, Alex Gino: This book fulfills the trans/non-binary, middle grade, and aromantic categories. A novel about Rick, who knows that he is not like everyone else, and his journey to learning just who he is.

  • Let’s Talk About Love, Claire Kann: This book fulfills the bi/pan, YA contemporary, and black voices categories. A coming of age story featuring a romance that has a happy ending for all. An old favorite - let’s do this.

  • Gender Queer, Maia Kobabe: This book fulfills the trans/non-binary voices category. A graphic novel autobiography of the author showing their journey of self-identity and a guide to gender identity.

  • M.F.K., Nilah Magruder: This book fulfills the black voices and middle grade categories. It is the story of a young deaf girl who goes on an adventure to scatter her ashes.

  • Raybearer, Jordan Ifueko: This book fulfills the sci-fi and black voices categories. Tarisai has been raised by a mysterious entity to vie for an advising position adjacent to the Prince. However, she has also been raised to kill him once she gains his trust. What will she choose to believe: her heart or her purpose in life?

  • Sawkill Girls, Claire Legrande: This book fulfills the asexual requirement as it features an ace protagonist. Who are the Sawkill girls? They are trapped on an island, being picked off by a mysterious killer one by one...until they decide no more.


  • Vicious, V. E. Schwab: This book fulfills the sci-fi/fantasy requirement and doesn't have a lot of actual asexual plot. According to interviews, Schwab confirms the main character's asexuality in the sequel to this.

  • Upon reading it: I want to protect Victor, Mitch, and Sydney from every bad person in this world, which definitely won't work as Victor is very bad himself. 5/5 stars, heavily recommend.

If you want to follow my Ace Race progress, you can check out my Twitter at @stress_song, where I will be posting using the #AceRace hashtag, or on my Instagram at @chloescully01. What are your favorite ace repped books? Let me know in the comments!

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