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The Broke Book Blog: September Haul

September had a lot of things happening...Covid continues to ravage the world, Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, the first (and probably only) of the Presidential Debates occurred, and of course, the Emmys happened (thank god that Schitt’s Creek got recognized as a powerhouse of a show). But thankfully, we got so many great releases and debuts last month. I got really lucky and was able to get a lot of great books, some of which were gifted to me by some very kind souls. Check out what I have added to my bookshelf:

Drawn by @meilc
  • Cinderella is Dead, Kalyon Bayron: I have not read it yet, but I have heard so many great things about it. I adore the cover - it looks absolutely amazing.

  • Spoiler Alert, Olivia Dade: I am so excited, my Barnes and Noble got a few copies in early and I snatched one up. I am such a fan of the cover art and the premise - an actor publishing forbidden fanfiction falls for his writing partner and prominent cosplayer. Sign me up!

  • Well Played, Jen DeLuca: I adored the first book Jen DeLuca released, Well Met and can’t wait to read about Stacey and her Renn Fest fling(s).

  • Legendborn, Tracey Deonn: OH GOD, I am such a nerd for Arthurian stories. Add in some black girl magic and I am dead.

  • Only Mostly Devastated, Sophie Gonzales: Grease, but make it gay. I’m sold. After reading it, I thought it was enjoyable, but I did want to shake poor Ollie into his senses - the poor boy didn’t deserve any of Will’s nonsense.

  • Kind of A Big Deal, Shannon Hale: Kind of A Big Deal was actually not a good deal. I got this book because I was obsessed with Shannon Hale as a kid, but honestly, I was really disappointed. Don’t get me wrong - it is an interesting premise and could work. However, I found it kind of cringey and by the end of the story, nothing had changed except that the main character decided to stop feeling sorry for herself. It felt like there had been a lot of promises made and none kept.

  • Grown, Tiffany D. Jackson: This book is absolutely gorgeous and I have heard so many awesome things about it. I cannot wait to get to a point where I can devote an entire day to it!

  • Loathe At First Sight, Suzanne Park: The cover is super cute, but I feel that the plot is geared to be more romance-based than it actually was.

  • The Stars and the Blackness Between Them, Junauda Petrus: I adore this cover, it is so gorgeous! Add to that a coming-of-age love story between two girls, and I am sold on this book.

  • The Black Kids, Christina Hammonds Reed: This cover gives me badass Black girl vibes and I adore the comic stylings. 10/10 bought the book because of the cover art.

  • Surrender Your Sons, Adam Sass: Thanks to Eric Smith for sending me a copy! I have been so excited to get this book with all the Twitter hype it has been getting! The plot sounds really engaging - breaking out of a conversion camp; while that is scary to think of that happening to me, I am excited to read about it.

  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (ARC), Victoria Schwab: Thanks to Tor Book for sending me a copy! You can be an inspiration to the greatest artists of time...but no one can remember you or your existence...until someone does. I adore contemporary fantasy novels dealing with immortality and Victoria Schwab recently won my heart with Vicious.

  • Recommended For You, Laura Silverman: A novel about two booksellers falling in love in a rivals-to-lovers arc...God, my poor heart can’t handle it.

  • Road Out of Winter, Alison Stine: Thanks to Eric Smith for sending me a copy! I am interested to see how this goes...I don’t normally read thrillers, as I don’t like reading about violence, but hey, maybe this will be the exception.

  • Cemetery Boys, Aidan Thomas: Another Twitter-hyped book that is absolutely gorgeous looking in person. I am saving it for a Halloweek readathon, but I have heard so many good things - brujas and ghosts and again, gay love!

  • Who I Was With Her, Nita Tyndall: Thanks to Eric Smith for sending me a copy! Oh my gosh. This cover has me hypnotized. Absolutely gorgeous. In addition, the plot deals with grief and lost love and perhaps new love? Ugh, my heart.

Speaking of new finds, be sure to check out my friend @meilc at their art blog - they drew a new profile picture for me and were super quick and awesome to work with!

What books did you get/find in September? Let me know in the comments!

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