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Book Tour Stop: The KC Warlock Weekly: Book One: Accused by M. N. Jolley


Imprint: M. N. Jolley Writing

Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020

ISBN: 9798697563687

Page Count: 236 pages


*I received an ARC from M. N. Jolley Writing free of charge, and my opinions are completely my own.*

“I want you to start from the beginning.”

That, I can do. It would stall for time, and if I played my cards right, it could even get some information. I already knew most of the story, but there was one piece that was still bugging me.

One of the counselors sitting across from me had murdered Andrea Hills. I just had to figure out which one.

KC Warlock Weekly journalist Levi is autistic, bad at magic, and didn’t kill Andrea Hills. He just happened to be there at the wrong time after receiving a panicked phone call from her. The magic cops - counselors, they’re called - don’t believe him and now Levi is on the run from the law. All the while, he is desperately trying to figure out the truth behind this story. Just three questions remain between Levi clearing his name and saving his newspaper: 1) Who killed Andrea, 2) Why did they do it, and 3) why is Levi now being used as a scapegoat?

I need to scream about how amazing Accused is. This plot is twisty and turny all over the place without displacing any of the earlier hints/plot points. Legitimately, when I was doing a re-read for this review, and I came across a vital line (if you have read Accused, DM me, we need to talk about this line), and I SCREAMED. I would have thrown the book across the room, except I was eagerly sucked into needing to know what happened next. So thanks, Mr. Jolley, you ruined me and now I am constantly thinking about that one line on literally the very first page.

The real treasure of Accused however, is the world building. The magic system is extremely understandable without dumbing it down or ripping it off of other well-known magic systems. The modern magics meld seamlessly with the old magics, and I believed that there is a secret magic world that I can’t see. This is like a H*gwarts, but not transphobic/AIDS-phobic, and honestly it is the magical secret world that we deserve.

Of course, we can’t forget about the representation. Levi is autistic - it is literally there on the back cover for all to see. But that is not all he is, and he is never devolved or burdened because of his autism. We can see how it affects him, but we are never told necessarily that it is because of autism - it is just who/how Levi is. We love representation that shows how the character is still a human.

There is more representation to discuss. Levi is queer, showing romantic feelings for Ben, a nonmagical man who helps him in his search. I personally saw Levi as homoromantic gray-asexual, but hey, there is never any clear labeling. I love the relationship between the two men - Benvi is my new OTP, please send me fanart/fanfiction, so I can sigh over them. We also love casual nonbinary representation as shown in Kennedy - as a nonbinary person myself, I got so excited when Kennedy was introduced in a casual setting. We love casual queer representation that doesn’t become plot-centered.

For my Book Look, I decided to go simple - recreate Levi’s appearance on the book cover. I am lucky that I am naturally a redhead and have short hair, I just had to pin up any straggling hairs. I got my motorcycle jacket from Jhichic and my black shirt from Wrangler. Now, I got the ultimate nonbinary look for my everyday activities, and will be casually book-looking at work.

Are you still not sure about reading Accused? Then, alas, I guess I will need to tempt you with some comparisons. If you enjoy these forms of media:

  • Strange Practice, Vivian Shaw

  • The Magicians, Lev Grossman

  • Middlegame, Seanan McGuire

Then you will most definitely enjoy reading about Levi and his search for the truth.

The great thing about all of this is that you can get your own copy of Accused today! The book is free to download on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and on Jolley’s website. Jolley says “I believe in media accessibility, so I don't want to gatekeep who has access to my stories.” To support Jolley, you can donate to his Patreon and Ko-Fi. Even better, M. N. Jolley is running a giveaway of three signed copies of The KC Warlock Weekly: Accused. You can sign up here!

Many thanks to M. N. Jolley for allowing me to join the Accused book tour! If you want to hear more from other bloggers, check out this tour schedule:

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About the Author:

M.N. Jolley is an author based in Kansas City. When he’s not splitting his attention between far too many half finished hobby projects, he writes fantasy novels, with a particular fondness for any conflict that can’t be solved through brute force alone. He is currently working on “The KC Warlock Weekly” and “The Sacrosanct Records”, because even in writing he can’t be pinned down to working on just one project at a time!

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